PLOT: “The world’s gone to shit. No one actually thought zombie culture would meet reality in their lifetime or at all actually. Even the zombie enthusiasts are taken back, at least if they aren’t already dead. Well… if you’re reading this then you probably haven’t joined them and I hope you don’t have to anytime soon. Welcome to the end of the world, mate.”

CONCEPT: This is your typical zombie roleplay. I decided this was a good idea because they’re easy to run and with RP Kingdom being relatively new, a roleplay where someone can join at any time is a plus.

The roleplay will basically start off with however many characters there are when I decide to begin (others can join as the time progresses). It’ll kind of be like The Walking Dead where the survivors are tasked with well… surviving.

To keep things interesting, however, these zombies will be different. During the day, they are slow and rather boring unless something triggers them (like a loud sound or the smell of a human) but they do not run. At night, they are much more sensitive, they do run, and they are a tad stronger. You’re basically fucked if you decide to go scavenging when the moon is out.

- I require my players post at least a detailed paragraph (5+ sentences).
- I will give up to two warnings every time you disappear from the roleplay for days without notice. I understand life gets in the way, but please respect me enough to inform me of your absence.
- After two warnings, I will remove you from the roleplay and your character(s) will probably die or disappear.
- I will do a biweekly roll call to make sure people are still active and interested.

Time to cross my fingers and hope people actually show interest. I really only need 1-2 people to start.
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