PARTNERS Messy Firsts & Sloppy Seconds {open to all}

Daemon had been kidnapped and tied to a bed of sorts, it could move him into whatever position desired. A little backstory might be helpful.
Daemon had went on this blind date his friend had set up for him, he accepted a bit skeptically. Draco, his date, turned was a total hottie, with his interests to boot, and he decided to keep going. they've been together for months now, almost inseparable, even in crowded areas they seemed to find each other. Then Draco proposed an exciting experiment, which turned out to be an all-species gangbang, with Daemon being the receiver, he thought it'd be fun and agreed, his two virgin holes on display, he gasped and blushed as a a draft, feathered his nethers.

(Daemon is a cuntboy fyi, so he has a vag)
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